Igor Ledochowski Course Review (Scam or Not a Scam?)

Igor Ledochowski Course Review - Money In Your Mind

Igor Ledochowski is not a scam. He’s a gentleman and a real entrepreneur. Also, a review of Igor Ledochowski’s Money In Your Mind course shows this to also not be a scam either.

If you’re looking for financial freedom and to become independently wealthy, this course is definitely for you. If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not that.

But if you are looking for a course that’s full of content and includes mind exercises to help you get to financial freedom and wealth, then this course is definitely for you.

Consumer rights returning goods

Remove term: Consumer rights returning goods Consumer rights returning goods - returns take their toll

What are Consumer rights returning goods? Do consumers expect too much these days? Shoppers are already exploiting their increased consumer rights to the hilt.

Online retailers are having to go above and beyond to compete. Often doing more than is required by legislation to keep customers happy.

How To Make Money Online (The Internet Jetset Affiliate)

How To Make Money Online

If you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best internet businesses you can start. Don’t give up your day job when you first start. Wait till you’ve replaced your income with the income from affiliate commissions first.

If you’ve lost your job, try things like Uber driving, delivery jobs or part time work to keep the money coming in. See below for The Internet Jetset affiliate course and what’s included.

Pareto principle (What is the Pareto principle in business?)

What is the Pareto principle in business

The Pareto principle can be used in business to target specific sets of data. The starting point is to analyse your business numbers using the Pareto principle.

Once you have the analysed data and where the 80/20 rule applies to the set of data, you’ll be able to make better decisions. For example, have you ever analysed your business revenues? What percentage of your sales comes from which percentage of your customers?

What is the main purpose of an elevator speech?

What is the main purpose of an elevator speech

The main purpose of an elevator speech is to open up the opportunity of a conversation.

The elevator pitch should be expressed in such a way to spike enough of an interest for the person to want to find out more. An elevator speech or pitch is not for the purpose of closing the deal.

5 simple steps to create a simple elevator speech to create interest and intrigue. How to get people to ask you questions about what you do.

7 Online Business Tools (For a Super-Productive 2018)

Online Business Tools-5

7 tools your online business needs for a super-productive 2018.

To make your plans come to reality, you’ll need to take advantage of every opportunity available to you.

Having the right small business tools can help you power your way to your profitability goals.

If your business is an online business these tools will make the running of that business better and more productive.

What is disruptive innovation

What is disruptive innovation and why is it important for business

What is disruptive innovation and why is it important for business, but sometimes bad too?

Disruptive innovation is what’s used in business to describe an innovation that either creates a new market or disrupts an existing market.

Clayton M Christensen defines a disruptive innovation as a product or service designed for a new set of customers.

Disruptive innovation requires entrepreneurs with determination, who are creative and willing to take risk.

Small business tips for success

Keys to success for a business

What are the keys to success for a business? This article for newbie entrepreneurs includes tips to starting a business and the top business tools to make life easier.

The article includes five keys to success for a business, highlighting tips for starting a small business. Where passion and finding your WHY and purpose are top success tips.

Also discover the best 20 business tools and tips for starting a small business.

Customer lifetime value; lifetime value calculator and CLV calculation

Customer lifetime value and customer lifetime value calculator

A customer lifetime value calculator, CLV calculation in business marketing and why customer lifetime value is important.

The article includes the definition and meaning of customer lifetime value and includes examples and case studies.

How to determine the value of a customer and what are the benefits of knowing and understanding the value of your customers? Focusing on customer lifetime value or CLV is the silent competitive edge for businesses. And discover the importance of customer exit interviews.