Small business tips for success

Keys to success for a business

What are the keys to success for a business? This article for newbie entrepreneurs includes tips to starting a business and the top business tools to make life easier.

The article includes five keys to success for a business, highlighting tips for starting a small business. Where passion and finding your WHY and purpose are top success tips.

Also discover the best 20 business tools and tips for starting a small business.

Customer lifetime value; lifetime value calculator and CLV calculation

Customer lifetime value and customer lifetime value calculator

A customer lifetime value calculator, CLV calculation in business marketing and why customer lifetime value is important.

The article includes the definition and meaning of customer lifetime value and includes examples and case studies.

How to determine the value of a customer and what are the benefits of knowing and understanding the value of your customers? Focusing on customer lifetime value or CLV is the silent competitive edge for businesses. And discover the importance of customer exit interviews.

Presenteeism in the workplace and what does presenteeism mean – Includes presenteeism statistics

Presenteeism in the workplace

Presenteeism in the workplace and what does presenteeism mean. Whilst looking at presenteeism statistics   This article is about presenteeism in the workplace and includes some in-depth presenteeism statistics. The article was written by Russell Bowyer. In this article he covers the

Small business software

Small business software is an essential tool for any business and we have two examples of excellent software designed for good business management. Business management software would include forecasting software and business software designed to improve profits together with having

15 Ways to Improve Net Cashflow

There are many ways of improving Cash Flow for a business and we have given you a few ideas to do just that. To help you see how these ideas can help your business it would be worth while doing

Developing key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are financial and non-financial measures used to help a business define and evaluate how successful it is and are used to monitor how the organisation is doing. Another term for KPIs is Key Success Indicators (KSI)