Guest Post – Guest Bloggers Wanted

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post on inBizBlog.

Please note that this is an opportunity for personal bloggers only. This means bloggers who have non-commercial websites and who blog for themselves.

If you are also interested, but you write on behalf of someone else, a business or you are an internet marketer, please check my blog advertising page.

Please provide an outline of the article you’re proposing in the message box on my contact page.

I’ll always reply and I’ll respond to all inquiries.

Articles need to be well written, and must be accompanied by appropriate images. The images must have the appropriate licence to allow them to be shared on my business blog site.

The guest post blog articles that I’m looking for also need to be at least 1,000 words in length.

Guest post guidelines…

Here are the guest blog guidelines:

  1. You must be a blogger with your own active website.
  2. The post has to be an original piece, at least 1,000 words.
  3. It’s better if you can include picture(s), as this makes articles come to life.
  4. Up to two links back to your blog in the body, and links to your social accounts in the bio are okay by me.
  5. But affiliate links or paid links to commercial sites are not allowed.
  6. [Grammarrrr] and [spellllll] check the article please.
  7. I encourage you to visit your guest post on the day you are published and promote it in the social networks.
  8. Finally, inBizBlog is about business, finance, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and wealth. So posts about any of these topics are welcome.
  9. I reserve the right to edit or reject any post.

So happy blog-writing and I look forward to reading and sharing your work.