This article is about the entrepreneurial term ‘mumpreneur‘, which is a continuation of my articles about the variations of entrepreneur.

A mumpreneur, or the mumpreneur definition, is an entrepreneurial mum, who has children of 18 or under, but at the same time is running a business.

Interestingly, this is a much more popular term than either dadpreneur or fatherpreneur, as it is search for by more than 10-times the number of people.

I guess we always admire (both men and women that is) a woman who is able to balance life between bringing up children and running a business. Each one is a challenge on their own, let alone doing it at the same time.

Most important entrepreneur characteristics

Work from home jobs, the alternative to mumpreneurship…

There are many mums who are either single mothers or in a relationship (married or otherwise) who have chosen to start their own small business. However, there are also many mums who choose the alternative to starting or running their own business.

This alternative is ‘work at home jobs‘, where working from home allows more flexibility.

Many companies these days are open to flexible working hours. Wanting to fit in with working mothers, but for some, working for someone else is not quite enough.

An example of a very successful mumpreneur is Dragons Den Sarah Willingham. Sarah Willingham is described as a mumpreneur, but recently quit the BBC show to focus on her family.

She, along with her Husband Michael, decided to travel the world. She actually quit the show after her husband had a cancer scare…saying that ‘life is too short.’

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Small business ideas and the online world…

The online world, AKA the Internet, has opened up a whole new world of home business ideas to start. Online businesses are easy to start and require in most cases a small investment. However, the most important aspect of an online business is the flexibility it provides.

For a working mum, flexibility is key. Having the freedom to drop the kids to school and pick them up to fit in with school times is vital.

Mumpreneur ideas…

Mumpreneur - Selling whilst playing with kids at home

There are many great small business ideas for mums, other than selling things on the Internet. But top of the list of mumpreneur ideas is selling on websites like eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Updating the information, working on the promotional elements of the business, etc. can all be done at a time to suit. These days, with drop shipping being more accessible, mums don’t even need to have storage space to hold stock.

Mum’s working from home selling things on the Internet are selling while they sleep, but also they are selling whilst they are playing with their kids.

Information products…

Creating an informational product is a great way to make money online. Mums that are able to create an information product around one of their skills, interests or hobbies can do really well. The beauty of this type of business is the costs are very low.

Also, there are many outsourcers too to make the best use of time. However, many mums choose to write their own information products to sell on their own websites too.

Blogging mumpreneurs…

Blogging is still a huge and blogpreneurs can make a living in their chosen niche from running a blog. Some use popular subjects like travel, as this is a great way to see the world, whilst at the same time making some cash. As with selling a product based upon an interest or hobby, mums can begin a blog around the same topics.

Once a blog becomes successful, blogpreneurs are able to monetise their blog site. The main benefit of blogging is the writing and promoting can be done at times to suite. When the kids are tucked up safely in their beds asleep, mums can sit down with a cold glass of white wine and begin their writing.

Successful mumpreneurs…

This article wouldn’t be complete without looking at some successful mumpreneurs. I’ve already mentioned one successful mum-entrepreneur, Sarah Willingham, but of course the are others.

The first one to mention for me, who is a fellow novelist and an extremely successful authorpreneur is J. K. Rowling. Her story is an amazing journey and not only inspirational to mums around the world, but also to men too.

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An article was written in the Telegraph Newspaper about Victoria Beckam, mother of four. The article describes it a the “mum economy” with children of 18 or under. This is a thriving economy and generating over £7 billion for the UK’s economy and supporting over 200,000 jobs too.

Interesting the most successful mum-run businesses include health and care services, professional, scientific and technical services, which are responsible for £2.5 billion. Retail is high too and is responsible for £650 million contribution, which surprised me, as I thought this one would be top.

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