Sandy Jadeja net worth

Sandy Jadeja - chief market strategist and an international trading educator
Sandy Jadeja – chief market strategist and an international trading educator

This article is about Sandy Jadeja net worth, a chief market strategist and an international trading educator.

Sandy Jadeja is a leading provider for education in trading. So if you are looking to learn to trade, Sandy Jadeja is probably the man to turn to as your default trading guru.

Why an article on Sandy Jadeja net worth?

I came across Sandy Jadeja when I was writing about the National Achievers Congress. When I research an article, I usually discover a new angle or a new entrepreneur to write about.

The original article was about simple Sandy Jadeja, but I then changed to talking about his net worth too. Net worth and success is a topic that many are interest in. People are obsessed with making money. So why not look at this successful business man from a difference perspective also.

So who is Sandy Jadeja?

Sandy Jadeja is a trader and an entrepreneur, who seems to have a knack of predicting market crashes. He is the chief market strategist at Core Spreads.

It was reported in the Independent Newspaper, with the headline ‘The man who accurately predicted 4 market crashes told us 3 more dates to worry about this year.’ Which is an article about the man who accurately predicted four market crashes.

Sandy Jadeja has been has been voted in the top 50 most influential people for Forex, CFD’s and Spread Betting

Not only did Sandy Jadeja predict these stock crashes, his predictions were to the exact date each time. Each of these was a 2016 stockmarket crash prediction.

Jadeja is a trading-preneur who has not only made money from trading himself, but has taught others to make money from his trading strategies too.

Sandy Jadeja trading strategies

Sandy Jadeja - Trading strategies
Sandy Jadeja – Trading strategies

Trading is a way to earn extra income by using simple strategies. Sandy’s website ‘’ claims that these simple trading strategies can be learnt within 60 minutes.

The trading opportunities he refers to are on the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones indexes. Also, trading opportunities exist in FX trading in the British Pound, the Euro and other currencies. But he also teaches trading strategies in commodities like gold and oil.

The strategies he teaches to his students are extremely profitable, but not only that, they are tax-free for UK residents.

What is Sandy Jadeja net worth?

Trying to work out what is Sandy Jadeja net worth is has proved difficult. He has been an extremely successful trader for over 25 years, so his net worth is likely to be in the millions.

His current net worth will depend on how well he has invested the profits he’s made from his Forex Trading.

How does he predict what the markets are going to do?

Technical analysts like Jadeja use historical charts to spot patterns in the markets he invests in. But when asked, he can’t usually pinpoint what events cause the markets to move. Instead, the technical analysis he does, will only tell him when a shift is likely to happen.

From the forecasts he does, he is able to predict the direction in which the prices are going to move…which could be up, or it could be down.

Keynote speakers at the NAC lineup - Baroness Michelle Mone, Randi Zukerberg and Sandy Jadeja
Keynote speakers at the NAC lineup – Baroness Michelle Mone, Randi Zukerberg and Sandy Jadeja

Speaker at the National Achievers Congress…

At this year’s National Achievers Congress in London, Sandy Jadeja is one of the keynote speakers, along side Baroness Michelle Move, and Randi Zuckerberg.

He is headlined as ‘Chief Market Strategist & International Trading Educator‘ at the event, which is being held between 22-23 July 2017.

What are Sandy Jadeja’s predictions looking forward into 2017 and 2018?

According to Jadeja, and as reported in the Independent Newspaper, we are in for some big bumps on the road to 2018.

He is quoted as saying in The Independent: “We are currently in a very dangerous time zone between 2011 until 2018. This is an 84-year cycle [called the ‘Time Cycle’] and the previous cycle appeared during 1928 until 1934 where the Great Depression took place”. He is concerned that investors could get ‘tripped-up‘, if they are not prepared for any sudden sharp declines which may occur, if his predictions are right once more.

For images of the chart predictions and how the current cycle mirrors that of the 1928-1934 depression cycle, go to business insider.

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Sandy Jadeja Net Worth

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