I took over a business in October 2010 and in that month it made sales of £126,000, whereas in the last month we acheived £271,000!

I acheived this by applying some of the 7 ways to grow a business and, just in case you are reading this and thinking turnover is all very well, it is not just about turnover, as within this larger turnover figure, I have increased prices also (sometimes by 40-50%) to make the business more profitable also.

I am looking at putting together a business seminar on how firstly to go about buying a business and then on if you have one, how to grow it by applying the 7 ways to grow a business and will be titled ‘Success in business’.

If you are in the UK and are interested in these business seminars please post a comment on this article or email me at info@in-business.org.uk.

Good luck with your business in the present economic situation.

Success in business – Even in difficult times you can make good money

One thought on “Success in business – Even in difficult times you can make good money

  • 16 December, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    How much will this cost?


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