Preneur – Types of Entrepreneurs

Preneur - types of entrepreneurs
Preneur – types of entrepreneurs

Having begun to write about entrepreneurs, I have now realised there are many types of entrepreneurs, or descriptions of entrepreneur with the suffix preneur. So this article is about the suffix preneur and types of entrepreneurs.

For those that follow my blog, you will know that my interest lies in business and entrepreneurship. These are the main focus topics of my small business blog. So far I’ve written articles about the various derivations of the term preneur, so this article has brought these together.

In this article, the types of entrepreneurs covered are:

  • Entrepreneur – The main type and all encompassing term for all types of preneur.
  • Techpreneur – Entrepreneurs who start their own technology business.
  • Sidepreneur – An employee with a 9 to 5 job whilst setting up a new business on the side.
  • Intrapreneur – A person who acts like an entrepreneur in their capacity as an employee of a company.
  • Dragonpreneurs – These are those Dragons Den entrepreneurs.
  • Womanpreneur – These are women in business.
  • Authorpreneur – A person who is actively writing and publishing books.
  • Teenpreneur – A teenager who becomes an entrepreneur.
  • Mumpreneur – An entrepreneurial mum, who has children of 18 or under

From the above list, you’ll see there are many types of entrepreneurs, and this is only just the beginning. As I build on these terms, I will add to this article.

The ‘common term’ within all the above types is the suffix ‘Preneur‘. The term preneur is defined as a

, or someone who is willing to take risk, within the French meaning for the term. Let’s begin with the first type of entrepreneur…

Entrepreneur is first on the list of types of entrepreneurs to discuss…

Preneur - this image being about the difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
Preneur – this image being about the difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Entrepreneur is the first of the types of entrepreneurs to write about. This type is of course the most well known ‘preneur suffix used‘. In an article I have already written, I looked at the difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

In the Oxford Dictionary, Entrepreneur-ship is defined as ‘The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’

Whereas intrapreneur-ship is about a person who acts and behaves like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation. See below for a bit more about intrapreneurs.


Some amazing entrepreneurs…

Over the last century we’ve had some amazing entrepreneurs, from the likes of Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), with his steel empire, so a steelpreneur. To the likes of John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937), an oilpreneur.

It’s difficult to look back over 100 years of entrepreneurs not mention Thomas Edison (1847-1931). The world would be a very different place if it wasn’t for this electropreneur.

The other huge entrepreneur is the carpreneur Henry Ford (1863-1947). This tenacious businessman sold over 15 million Model Ts and famously quoted ‘you can have any color as long as it’s black.’

More recent entrepreneurs include the likes of Steve Jobs (a techprenuer, see below) and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Both men standing out as having true passion, plus having a real belief in their businesses. Of course famously, Steve Jobs was known for popularising the term discussed below…intrapreneurship.

Tech-preneur is second on the list…

Technopreneurship definition - techpreneurs including Elon Musk
Technopreneurship definition – techpreneurs including Elon Musk

I recently wrote about techpreneurs, which are entrepreneurs who start and manage their own technology business. In recent times techpreneurs are the types of entrepreneurs who are moving the world forward at the fastest pace.

One of the most recent techpreneurs to ‘go-large’ as it were is Elon Musk. Billionaire owner of the famous electric car brand Tesla.

As I’ve already mentioned, tech-preneurs are responsible for the very fast pace of more recent innovations and fast changing world in which we live.

I remember growing up and seeing the very first computers. If I look back and compare these very first computers with what we have today, there’s no comparison.

The amount of storage and functionality we have within our mobile phones now, far out-weighs what was in the first designed computers.

I would love to be around in 50 or even 100 years from now. I’d love to see where technology goes from here. To see the ever increasing pace of technopreneurs invent more and more technology…amazing.

Side-preneur is the next one on the list…

Side-preneur - Starting a Business While Working Full or Part Time
Sidepreneur – Starting a Business While Working Full or Part Time

A sidepreneur is an entrepreneur who remains in their 9 to 5 job whilst setting up a new business on the side. Another way to describe this is as an entrepreneur on the side.

Never has there been a better time to start a business. It’s easier than ever to startup an internet-based business, using the likes of Amazon and/or eBay to set up an online store.

Sidepreneurs have the best of both worlds to begin with, as they retain the safety net of keeping a paying job, whilst at the same time starting a new income stream. Side-preneurs are able to slowly develop their businesses at the same time as retaining a job. However, running a business on the side like this can be extremely demanding on a persons time.

Intrapreneur is the fourth preneur on the list…

Preneur - Intrapreneur
Preneur – Intrapreneur

As already mentioned, an intra-preneur is a person who acts like an entrepreneur, but acts in this capacity as an employee of a business. Intrapreneurs are one of the types of entrepreneurs that large organisations need to encourage the most. They will either be instrumental in massive growth and success of an organisation, or go on to become the next successful entrepreneur in their own right…or both.

Intra-preneurs tend to be within larger organisations like Pepsico, where you’ll find the very successful intrapreneur Indra Nooyi. I have commented that great leaders and entrepreneurs will encourage great intrapreneurs. These new intrapreneurs will be our next generation of entrepreneurs.

We all benefit from the many great inventions, as a result of creative-thinking intrapreneurs. One of my favourite intrapreneurship successes is Dreamworks. We all love a great Dreamworks animated film. Dreamworks employees have the tools and freedom to become the latest batch of successful young intrapreneurs.

Dragonpreneurs are next on my list…

Dragons Den Tej Lalvani Entrepreneur and Businessman - dragonpreneurs
Dragons Den Tej Lalvani Entrepreneur and Businessman – dragonpreneurs

The term dragonpreneur is another new term that I’ve just introduced in this article about the term preneur.

I have discussed many of the Dragons Den entrepreneurs, and will continue to do so. I enjoy researching and writing about these amazing entrepreneurs.

So far I have written in detail about Tej Lalvani, Touker Suleyman and Sarah Willingham. Tej Lalvani, for example, is the newpreneur to join Dragons Den this year. He’s the new kid on the block, and is the CEO of the UK’s largest by sales vitamin company Vitabiotics.

These three amazing entrepreneurs, along with the other dragonpreneurs, help other entrepreneurs by investing in their businesses.

A womanpreneur is next to review…

Whilst writing about Lady Michelle Mone and the National Achievers Congress, I thought about women in business and realised that ‘womanpreneur’ was one more preneur to write about…so are writing about Michelle Mone, this will be my next article.

As I add to the articles about the other entrepreneur derivative, I will add to this article. So please bookmark this page, as well as share it below in order to the updates…thank you.

Authorpreneur is a more obvious one for me…

Authorpreneur - and the route to publishing your first book
Authorpreneur – and the route to publishing your first book

As an author myself, I surprised myself that I had not written this one before now.

As with all the ‘preneur‘ terms, which are all derivations of the word entrepreneur, authorpreneur is no different.

An authorpreneur is the activity of writing and publishing a book, taking on financial risk with the hope of making a profit.

An entrepreneur is ‘the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’

So put simply the term authorpreneur is someone who writes a book or publishes a novel and effectively is taking a risk.

Teenpreneur – aspiring teen entrepreneurs…

Teenpreneur - teen entrepreneurs
Teenpreneur – teen entrepreneurs

I have just added an article about the teenpreneur. The little founders of the future. When I was researching this article, it was one that I found extremely interesting. Notably, teen entrepreneurs find a passion and create a business around that passion.

In fact Benejamin Kickz, a teenpreneur of just sixteen, put it this way…‘The root of all evil ~ focus on getting money and none will come ~ focus on your passion and you’ll get rich’. This enterprising young entrepreneur sources sneakers (or trainers) and is loving every minute of his small business.

Another of the teenpreneurs I included in this article is Rachel Zietz, also sixteen. She set up a business around her favourite sport, which is lacrosse. Her thinking was to build a business around a need in her life. Now her business has sales of over $2 million, and growing.

Lessons can be learned from these young small business owners – the biggest message is, to find your niche in business around a passion you have. If you enjoy what you are doing, not only will it be more successful, but it won’t feel like work either.

Mumpreneur – An entrepreneurial mum, who has children of 18 or under…

Having already written about women in business, like Indra Nooyi and Lady Michelle Mone, I want to add mumpreneurs to the list of entrepreneur types.

I’ve also written about one of my other favourite mummy entrepreneurs, Sarah Willingham. A very astute business woman and extremely successful.

A lady to be admired and a great role model. This is not just for other women, but for men too.

Men can learn a lot from women in business. Women behave differently and think and act in a different way to men. This in my opinion gives them an advantage.

Interesting facts about mumpreneurs…

As I was researching this subject, I came across two very interesting facts. The first one was the ‘mum-economy’ is generating over £7 billion for the UK’s economy and supporting over 200,000 jobs.

If this is the contribution just to the UK economy, then as the UK is the worlds fifth largest economy, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this figure was over £50 billion world-wide.

These statistics date back to 2014, but eBay released a note on the subject of the mum-economy, saying that by 2025 an additional £2 billion will be added to the total UK economy.

The second interesting fact about mummy entrepreneurs, is that the term ‘mumpreneur’ is found to be far more interesting than either dadpreneurs or fatherpreneurs. On Google search, mumpreneur out-searched dad’s by more than 10-times.

So why would that be the case?

Well in my humble opinion, and based upon the world we live in, it tends to be more obvious for men to be entrepreneurs, whereas women are less so obvious.

For many years, women haven’t been so much at the forefront of business. However, this is changing rapidly, which is not only great for business, but also fantastic for women. So I think other women want to emulate the current success-trend in business and entrepreneurship.

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Types of Entrepreneurs – The Suffix Preneur

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