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Entrepreneurship and small business advice…

So you’re ready to start a business. Perhaps you’re an aspiring entrepreneur. If so, this will be an exiting journey for you, but with a lot of hard work. Before you dive in, read about the types of entrepreneurs.

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Top tip No. 1 for an Aspiring Entrepreneur: Make your business about your passion. Do what you love, and never work another day in your life.

Top Tip No. 2 for all start-up businesses: Make a plan. Plan your business well. This will help you to avoid the many pitfalls along the way, and you are more likely to succeed.

| inBizBlog | is here to provide essential small business advice. There’s loads of great tips to help your SME on its new and exciting journey. Including contributions from other authors.

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Learning from the mistakes of others…

There are many quotes which talk about business failure. One of my favourites is: “Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein.

You’ll soon find out that by starting a small business, you’ll make many mistakes along the way. Mistakes are good, as it means you’re taking action. It’s the only way to learn and grow. So it’s important to read about the mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made. Learn from them, as it’s cheaper to do it this way.

Good Advice Costs Money. Bad Advice Costs More!

Employ good professionals for advice in business. Engage with a business mentor too.

SME Startup Mistakes

A problem shared is a problem halved…

This old saying applies for business too. Being able to talk about a problem, especially with others who have experience the self same problem, is essential. | in-Business Forum | is a a platform to share ideas, to ask questions or to receive help. What’s more it’s free.

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A Franchise business is more likely to succeed…

There are conflicting views on this statement. However, banks are more willing to lend to startup franchise businesses. This is true only where the original franchise has a good reputation and a proven track record. Banks are able to base their lending decision on data, rather than on a brand new concept and business plan.

Start Your Own Business

A few tips on starting out in business. Choosing a name; trading medium; raising capital; plus more

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